Demdike Stare

Demdike Stare (UK)

WHO: Manchester duo Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker

STYLE:  fractured house, jungle beats, dark techno

LATEST: Wonderland (2016)

LABELS: Modern Love

MUTEKs: Montreal (2010), Mexico (2012)

Coming out from Modern Love’s tremendous catalogue of experimental acts, Demdike Stare takes on a more intimate, inward approach to the signature sound that made the Manchester label so iconic. The duo’s take on structures and build-up tension on their latest album Wonderland was the best unexpected surprise of last year’s releases. Their spreads of ambient music balanced by notes of dub and techno draw inspirations as far as the horizon can go, from the drone woodlands of the scandinavian north to some persian, african and arabic soundscapes. 

Nocturne 3
MUTEK 2010, montreal

Société des arts technologiques [SAT]


Emerging from the offices of Manchester’s Modern Love in 2009, Demdike Stare’s Miles Whittaker (aka Pendle Coven) and Sean Canty wowed electronic music fans right off the bat with their unique ability to blend disparate ethnic music into one masterful dub-driven journey. Boasting extensive, globetrotting record collections that wander deep into the annals of Turkish, Persian, African and Arabic music, in the studio Whittaker and Canty also aren’t afraid to push northward to Nordic drone and Scandinavian glitch music, often all within the confines of the same track. Their self-titled debut EP and the album “Symbiosis” showcase a duo with an obvious appreciation for vinyl obscurities such as library music and rare pressings, and this year’s “Osmosis” mix furthers that obsession with as a seamless 59-minute excursion through the dustiest of world-weary record crate.


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