A/Visions 1

(2010-06-02) A/Visions 1



This showcase of local and international acts brings together duos who are all to some degree engaging or reacting to the reflections and refractions of the world through the mirror of technological innovation. Demonstrating how creativity rises from the detritus of utility, Montreal’s [THE USER] presents a symphony of dot-matrix printers working in unison some two decades after their obsolescence to fashion a literal manifestation of machine music. Meanwhile, NICOLAS BERNIER and MARTIN MESSIER present LA CHAMBRE DES MACHINES, a performance piece inspired by the intonarumori, noise-intoning analogue boxes invented nearly a century ago by Italian futurist Luigi Russolo (1885-1947), who is widely credited as the first noise composer. Finally, Baltimore field-recording conceptualists MATMOS return to the MUTEK stage after a decade’s absence to co-opt the sonics from an array of early electronic sound-machines such as the Moog Voyager, the ARP 2600, the Stylophone, and the Korg MS 2000, in the process fashioning a pure, conceptual vision of music composed entirely from electrical tones.

June 02, 2010 20:00 - 22:10

$25.00 at the door + tx & sc


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