A/Visions 2

(2010-06-03) A/Visions 2



In collaboration with influential music monthly The Wire, this showcase brings together two of the most elusive acts from the British post-industrial underground. Weaving together themes of haunting ethereality and the sounds of generational divides, this double bill presents a portrait of contemporary experimental artists negotiating with their culture’s long list of half-buried treasures. The soirée gets underway with Montreal's FREIDA ABTAN, who compellingly uses her own voice as a basis for audio-visual performances Next, former copyright terrorist (his work as V/Vm is both under-recognized and highly pertinent) and current hauntology figurehead James Leyland Kirby brings his alias THE CARETAKER to Montreal for a rare live performance that sees him manipulating old British ballroom 78’s from the 20’s and 30’s into a mesmerizing elegy of whispering melodies and ghostly dust and scratches. Afterward, Steven Stapleton finally brings dark-ambient legends NURSE WITH WOUND to North America for an exclusive Canadian engagement, spotlighting the monumental breadth of their vast and often rare discography, which spans the range between drone-folk experiments, surreal poetics, and noir-jazz improvisations.

June 03, 2010 19:30 - 22:15

$25.00 at the door + tx & sc


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