(2010-06-02) Ectoplasmes³-1



The Wednesday night installment of ECTOPLASMES³ is designed as a creative laboratory of exploratory sounds. Over the course of four performances, a line-up of composers and artists will combine for the first time for a trial run of duos and trios, with results as surprising and spontaneous as the participants themselves, many of whom have never performed together previously. First, former LES GEORGES LENINGRAD front-woman and multi-disciplinary artist DOMINIQUE PÉTRIN reunites for her second-ever session with independent artist and hypnotist GEORGES REBBOH.

Next up, the Lynchian dreamscapes of ALEXANDRE ST. ONGE (ET SANS, K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O) meet on stage with the spontaneous creativity of 2 IMPATIENTS, a head-on collision to be fronted by thereminist FRANK MARTEL. The next trio under scrutiny, features the percussion work of PIERRE TANGUAY, the electronic gadgery of FILTEAU, and the media sound art of CHRISTIAN RICHER. The night wraps up with a very special appearance by veteran American tape-looper JASON LESCALLEET.

June 02, 2010 22:30 - June 03, 2010 02:00

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