(2010-06-04) Ectoplasmes³-3



The Friday night installment of ECTOPLASMES³ ups the ante on collaborations with a showcase designed for dramatic intensity and explosive physicality. Veteran of the French electro-acoustic scene, turntablist ARNAUD RIVIÈRE joins Quebecois free-noise brutalist GRKZGL and MONSTRE’sPHILIPPE LAMBERT for a primitively loud performance. Next, MOUTHUS’ NATE NELSON makes a very special Montreal appearance to perform alongside DRAINOLITH’s ALEXANDER MOSKOS and DREAMCATCHER’s BLAKE HARGREAVES for a pummeling session of digital-noise improvisation. The decibels keep rising when STEVE BATES joins forces with power-electronics duo HYENA HIVE and DREAMCATCHER’s other half, KATHERINE KLINE. Finally, ARNAUD RIVIÈRE returns to the stage for a solo performance bound to cull the highest frequencies from dormant, unsuspecting vinyl.

June 04, 2010 22:30 - June 05, 2010 02:00

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