Panel 3

(2010-06-04) Panel 3



Music and sound are pulses in air, the audible vibration of objects. A moment of hearing is also a moment of impact. From dance music to doom and experimental genres, this panel asks how the contemporary artist approaches composition and performance that relies heavily on the careful control of technology, noise and frequency, physics and acoustics. How are moods expressed beyond notes or melodic convention? And how do these questions interact with specific architectural environments and social contexts? Tapping into the expertise of master sound and noise sculptors, moderator Mat Schulz seeks insight into the relationship between sound, body and music.

PARTICIPANTS: Ben Frost/ CM Von Hausswolff/ Pimmon/ Tim Hecker

MODERATOR: Mat Schulz/ Unsound Festival

June 04, 2010 15:00 - 16:00

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