Extra_Muros: Bloc Jam

(2010-06-03) Extra_Muros: Bloc Jam

President-Kennedy Pavilion


Bloc Jam is a session of improvised music, collectively composed by an unsuspecting public on a busy street. For the performance, the side of UQAM’s Science Pavillion will come alive with interactive projections filled with colours and moving to the rhythms of the music. The creators of this visual spectacle are passersby who create the rhythmic vibrations with their cellular phones. Translated into “tracks” of colours on the wall, the rhythmic figures grow in number, creating an evolving mosaic that is adapted on the go, and that everyone can listen to on their cellphones.

Telephony services provided by VinTalk

June 03, 2010 21:00 - 21:00

President-Kennedy Pavilion
141 Président-Kennedy avenue
Montréal, Canada


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