Extra_Muros: Time Drifts

(2010-06-02) Extra_Muros: Time Drifts

Place des festivals


The Berlin-based artist Philipp Geist has developed his video installation ‘Time Drifts’ for the square Place des Festivals next to the Contemporary Art Museum in Montreal. In his installation Geist interprets the themes of space and time. He avoids using canvases and projects directly on parts of the facade, on the ground of the whole square, on stairs, and on fog streaming into the square. Words are projected onto the ground, and they are reflected into the fog. Fog is, similar to time, always in a flux, you cannot hold or keep it. This concept refers to the characteristics of museums and to their function as a place for conservation and for providing the visitor with both facts and imaginations: the dissolving projection ground symbolizes the fragmentary knowledge and understanding of life in the past and present, but knowledge is also secured and preserved in the form of text, clearly visible on the concrete.

June 02, 2010 21:00 - June 06, 2010 02:30

Place des festivals
Jeanne-Mance between St-Catherine and de Maisonneuve
Montréal, Canada


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