Expérience 2

(2011-06-02) Expérience 2

Place de la paix



Once again, we kickstart the evening of programming with the 5 à 7, this time convening around the more complex and adventurous aspects of the local techno scene.

Beyond the electronic soundscapes and digital art, we’re pleased to announce our collaboration with the SAT’s paradigm-shifting food laboratory! During MUTEK 2011, the FoodLab will pair several of Montreal’s finest chefs with an evening’s worth of musical offerings. Concocting gourmet tasters from a transformed steel container that will be set up at the Place de la Paix, Thursday’s featured chef is Simon Mathys of Bar & Boeuf.

June 02, 2011 17:00 - 19:00

Place de la paix
Saint-Laurent corner Juliette Béliveau
Montréal, Canada

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