Nocturne 4: Beyond the Autobahn

(2011-06-04) Nocturne 4: Beyond the Autobahn





Nocturne 4, the central showpiece of the MUTEK experience returns once again to take festivalgoers right through the night! This year’s theme is both edgier and more organic than previous outings, with an emphasis on live electronics and genre fusion.

Stephen Beaupré featuring the Banjo Consortium warms up the crowd with their high-end brand of funky micro-house. UK jazzy house fusionists Rocketnumbernine delve into their locked groove rhythms before being joined onstage by Four Tet for an improvisational jam. Austrian live-techno trio and Macro recording artists Elektro Guzzi bring precision to the art of the live band, while Border Community boss James Holden takes us to dawn with his unnerving and often psychedelic take on minimal techno.

Meanwhile, in the Savoy Room, Vancouver’s New Forms Festival touches down in Montreal with a showcase featuring the brightest up-and-coming talents from the West Coast: Babe Rainbow, Daega Sounsystem, Calamalka, Max Ulis, Monolithium and Michael Red. This part of the program is presented in collaboration with CBC Radio 3.


  • Boris Edelstein (Modul8 Team)
  • Baillat Cardel & fils
  • Ne1co
  • Peter Hagge
June 04, 2011 23:00 - June 05, 2011 06:00

$35.00 at the door + tx & sc

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