Panel 01: Augmented Reality - From Hype to Creative Playground

(2011-06-02) Panel 01: Augmented Reality - From Hype to Creative Playground

A diverse panel of artists, developers and entrepreneurs working in the field of augmented reality (AR) will provide short presentations of their work, followed by a question and discussion panel. The leading standards in AR (Layar, Junaio, ARToolkit, etc.) will be explored, with examples ranging from utility to artistic expression.

The difference between geospatial applications and those based on markers and computer vision will be examined, providing an overview of the state of augmented reality technology today. A focus on creative expression within this domain will provide the MUTEK audience with ideas of how augmented reality can be integrated into their artistic practice.

Mike Wozniewski (SAT / Hololabs)
Sophie Leroy (SAT)
Dominic Pilon (Hyperzic / ARMTL)
Katarina Soukup (Catbird Productions / Mobile Media Lab)
Paul Warne (Hololabs)
… and more (TBD)

June 02, 2011 14:00 - 15:30

Espace des Arts - Le Louvre
9 Sainte-Catherine East
Montréal, Canada

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