Workshop 06: Hardware Programming in Assembly

(2011-06-04) Workshop 06: Hardware Programming in Assembly

Le Louvre


Festival performer and 2009 Ars Electronica winner Tristan Perich provides an introduction to low-level hardware programming in Assembly. While a multitude of tools exist to get started with embedded programming, they abstract the experience of working with hardware. This class, intended for people with some general experience in programming, will give an introduction to writing Assembly code for the Atmel microprocessors, the basis for popular frameworks like Arduino. By going beyond programming in C, participants will be able to tap the native functionality and speed of the processor, and better understand the meaning and limits of computation.

Prerequisites : General programming experience (any kind, whether hardware/software/web), a Mac computer. The class is intended for people who know how to program and would like to learn low-level hardware programming.

Pre-registration is required :

June 04, 2011 13:00 - 16:00

Espace des Arts - Le Louvre
9 Sainte-Catherine East
Montréal, Canada

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