Presentation 01: Dub Fiction

(2011-06-02) Presentation 01: Dub Fiction

Le Louvre


Raz Mesinai’s “Dub Fiction” is a groundbreaking multimedia app for iPad, integrating leading-edge electronic music, graphic fiction and an interactive audio component that creates a flowing hyper-experience of a fictional future underground, as imagined by dub music pioneer Raz Mesinai, aka Badawi. With original musical contributions from Kode9, Spaceape, Falty DL, Badawi and more, and a serialized narrative that users will be able to update as new stories emerge and characters ebb and flow, the Heretic of Ether transforms the iPad into a portal to a parallel world, where space is limited, claustrophobia is a permanent condition and trance is the only cure.

June 02, 2011 16:00 - 18:00

Espace des Arts - Le Louvre
9 Sainte-Catherine East
Montréal, Canada

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