VR SALON: The VR Dichotomy - Between Solitary Experience and Collective Spectacle

(2016-11-10) VR SALON

3rd Floor


Originally trained in aeronautics, 'thrill engineer' Brendan Walker is a British artist investigating the fundamental question whether art or design can effectively elicit an emotional response. He attempts to answer this question by exploring the phenomenon of thrill – both via an artistic practice and the creation of tailored emotional experiences for commercial clients such as theme parks.

Over the past few years, Brendan has realized a series of interactive installations that integrate virtual reality headsets. One of his recent works, Oscillate (2015), combines a traditional playground swing with an Oculus headset to allow people to feel like they were swinging higher and further than they actually were, while those queuing for the experience could watch.

Brendan’s presentation addresses several major issues for VR creation including the importance of the context of presentation, the solitariness of the experience, and the dichotomy between the viewer’s absence of mind and the physical presence of his body – as he puts it: the “awkwardness fluctuating between the real and the virtual world that creates the movement and emotions which are necessary to create a thrilling experience.”

Presented with the support of the British Council.

November 10, 2016 10:45 - 11:30

$345.00 at the door // $150.00 for students (tx & sc included)


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