(2016-11-11) VR SALON

Moment Factory


“VR is the future of storytelling.”

“VR is the ultimate Empathy Machine.”

“VR allows us to hack into our brains” 

Many sweeping statements have been uttered in 2016, but beyond the ‘Enthusiasm Peak’ lies a 360 degree horizon of questions: What does VR really mean for reality? For documentary? For cinema? For performing arts? What are the limitations of the headset? The ethical considerations of the Empathy Machine? How do our brains process VR? What does it mean to ‘construct’ reality? Leading designers, creators and theorists converge in Montreal for an afternoon of intense debate. Each will bring specific arguments, backed by case studies, images, and data, touching on issues of representation, neuroscience, politics, and power.

Participants will attempt to dismantle a series of common assumptions about creating in VR and to inspire new ways of thinking about the medium.

More info about the speakers here.

November 11, 2016 15:00 - 17:00

$345.00 at the door // $150.00 for students (tx & sc included)

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