VR SALON : To Create (or Not) in VR and AR - Asking the Right Questions

(2016-11-10) VR SALON

3rd Floor


Moderator: Frédéric Josué – Uni-VR (FR)

Participants: Clint Beharry – Harmony Institute (US) / Karen Vanderborght (CA/NL) / Brendan Walker – aerial (UK) / Loren Hammonds – Tribeca Film Festival (US) 

As virtual and augmented reality establish themselves as prime mediums across many industries, content creators in search of a new visual grammar find themselves swimming (and sometimes drowning) in a sea of creative and technological possibilities. Film makers, game developers, documentarians and marketers often tackle the process of working in VR and AR using the tools of their original trade as a starting point.

What to do? But especially, why do it? Driven by a desire to pursue a subject in a new art form or tell a story, creators must address certain questions in order to fully realize a work in virtual or augmented reality. In contrast to the reflexive enthusiasm often encountered with this emerging format, participants in this discussion confront issues around the limitations and potential of virtual reality as a creative medium, while also considering its aesthetic and ethical challenges. 

November 10, 2016 11:30 - 12:30

$345.00 at the door // $150.00 for students (tx & sc included)

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