VR SALON: The Enemy, A Multi-Platform Project

(2016-11-10) VR SALON

3rd Floor


Participants: Karim Ben Khelifa (BE/TU) / Nicolas S. Roy – Dpt. (CA) / Chloé Jarry – Camera Lucida (FR) / Louis-Richard Tremblay – ONF (CA)

The Enemy is a journalistic experience in virtual and augmented reality that places the audience in the middle of a face to face between two enemies. Breaking with war imagery as the media usually portray it, this experience offers insight and perspective on those who bear the violence of conflict internally, allowing them to speak, present themselves and expose their motivations and dreams. The project assumes the point of view of both soldiers and humanists, with the aim of generating a discussion.  Provoking a recognition of an enemy's humanity, which is not defined by the limits of empathy, but by the limits of imagination, the project aims to extend moral imagination.

Manifesting as a custom made virtual reality installation, an augmented reality mobile app and a classic format 52 minute documentary film, The Enemy represents a creative process and a complex technological research, while posing fundamental questions of content creators, including the lifespan of  VR and AR and the potential for multiplatform conception and distribution.

This activity brings together the author of The Enemy, Karim Ben Khelifa, with the producers and technical directors of the VR and AR versions, for a presentation and detailed discussion of the creation issues brought up by this project.

You will find this installation in the VR Salon exhibition, where you can also experience the augmented reality version on your smartphone or tablet.

November 10, 2016 13:45 - 15:15

$345.00 at the door // $150.00 for students (tx & sc included)

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